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Europe Day 2023

Europe Day events in Tallinn

On 9 May 2023, we will once again celebrate Europe Day in Estonia. In Tallinn, you can take part in a knowledge hunt, follow a discussion about the future of Estonia and the EU, and enjoy the GreenFest and a spectacular concert on Freedom Square.

At 12:00 – 17:00 Knowledge hunt for school classes: win a class trip!

You can go through the checkpoints in any order. When you arrive at a checkpoint, a multiple-choice question will appear on the screen. The participant has to answer the question to continue the hunt. It doesn’t matter if the answer is right or wrong, the goal is to pass the checkpoints and collect points. The rules of the game are available here.

Start the game here  The game will be active on May 9 at 12:00

Technical support: + 372 5858 5457

• Europe Experience (Rävala pst 4)
• Embassy of Lithuania (Uus 15)
• Town Hall Square
• Embassy of Romania (Rävala pst 5)
• Embassy of Finland (Kohtu 4)
• Stenbock House (Rahukohtu 3)
• Embassy of Denmark (Wismari 5)
• Liszt Institute (Piiskopi 2)
• Freedom Square (Vabaduse väljak)
• Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Islandi väljak 1)

The winner will be drawn in the same evening at the Europe Day concert.

Europe Experience knowledge hunt – a prize for everyone completing the trail!

At 12:00 Europe Day seminar

At 15:00 – 18:00 Europe Day dedicated to biodiversity - GreenFest on Freedom Square

Tallinn, the European Green Capital 2023, invites all nature lovers to the GreenFest pavilion to take part in exciting programme and workshops.

Under the guidance of Tallinn Botanic Garden, we will learn how to sow seeds and prune plants, get to know herbs and use them together with sprouts, which are a scientifically proven superfood that strengthens immunity, helps to lift the mood and gives energy.

An exchange point for houseplants will be open, where you can exchange, for example, an overgrown houseplant for a smaller one.

Tallinn Zoo organizes a workshop on biodiversity and the importance of its protection and preserving.

In craft workshops organised by Örreke, you can learn how to make beeswax wraps, dolls from textile leftovers and paper, and try eggshell art.

With funny Trash Wolf, children can learn how to sort waste, and Kimmu, the mascot of the European Green Capital, tells children about urban nature and mobility.

In the area of mobility, Hagen Bikes, Bikeep and Citybike will introduce sustainable means of transportation. CLEVON introduces its smart parcel robot and AuveTech will be present with its self-driving bus.

At 18:00 – 21:00 Europe Day concert on Freedom Square with live broadcasting on ETV at 19:30 – 21:00

Europe Day events across Estonia


In Haapsalu a knowledge hunt with questions about the EU will take place from 5th to 9th May. To participate, you have to download the Navicup app to your smart tool. A map of Haapsalu with checkpoints will be displayed on the screen. When you arrive at a checkpoint, a multiple-choice question will appear on the screen. The participant has to answer the question to continue the hunt. There is no time limit for completing the trail: you can do it at any time between 5th and 9th May. An ongoing hunt can be paused in the application and resumed later, even the next day. Prizes will be drawn among the participants.

On 9 May at 5 p.m., an Estonian journalist and politician Hannes Rumm will visit the Haapsalu library to speak about the European Union and Ukraine. He will tell us how the European Union helps Ukraine and discuss Ukraine's aspirations to become a member of the European Union.

Europe Day will be celebrated also in Haapsalu Elementary School.

Ida-Viru county

Europe Direct Narva and Jõhvi, in cooperation with the Estonia EU external border programme, will organize two guided bus tours, where the objects built with EU support in Ida-Viru county will be introduced. One tour is in Estonian, the other in Russian language. The participants have an opportunity to learn about Europe Day and about the EU in general.


Europe Day in Pärnu will be run by Tingvallagymnasiet school together with the Europe Direct Karlstad and Pärnu Ühisgümnaasium together with the Europe Direct information centre in Pärnumaa. Students from both schools are asked to write short stories and take pictures of their city from the EU's perspective. The stories will be exchanged and exhibited both in Pärnu and Karlstad.


In Saaremaa, Europe Day is traditionally celebrated together with the anniversary of the city of Kuressaare on Sunday, 7 May. At noon, the badges of merit will be handed over, the municipal leaders will give a speech, and the Tallinn Firefighter Association brass ensemble and the folk music ensemble Svjata Vatra will perform. The Europe Direct information centre will also be present. In their tent, you can learn about the activities of the information centre and the European Union in general, solve crosswords and take part in a knowledge hunt.

On 5 May, the Saare county development conference will take place, focusing on digital development and its benefits for the islanders. On Saturday, 6 May, all sport lovers are invited to take part in the 42nd Kuressaare Town Race. Children can run the race already on Friday, 5 May.


Europe Day will also be celebrated in Tartu, the 2024 European Capital of Culture. This year in cooperation with the Hybrid European Democracy Festival of the Tartu 2024 project, the Society of International Relations and the youth development programme Tartu 2024 Extended. On 9 May, a cross border discussion will take place in the Genius Club - a hybrid event organised simultaneously in three countries. The discussion will examine how European cities can adapt to the climate crisis. The topic is inspired by Tartu's goal of becoming a climate-neutral city by 2030. How to achieve this together with civil society and city residents? Come and discuss it on 9 May at 18:15 in the Genius Club.

What is Europe Day?